Ridgefield Supply stocks many types of insulation products for residential and commercial applications. Not only is insulation valued for its thermal properties, it can also serve soundproofing, damp-proofing, and fire-separation functions. We also stock housewrap and vapor barriers.

Certainteed Insulation


CertainTeed offers a full line of residential fiber glass insulation products to meet the your needs. Installing Fiber Glass Building Insulation is an easy, cost effective method to help conserve energy in residential and commercial new construction, remodeling, and reinsulation. In addition to its thermal properties, Fiber Glass Building Insulation also provides excellent acoustical performance. It is compression packaged for ease of handling, and its broad availability of R-values, sizes and facings ensures the right product for the job.

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Owens Corning Insulation

Owens Corning

Owens Corning building science makes insulation smarter. From schools to businesses to family homes, the insulation works everywhere. Its expert engineering lets you create the most comfortable environment without compromising your design.

OWENS CORNING develops, manufactures and markets insulation, roofing, and fiberglass composites. A Fortune 500® company for 64 consecutive years, the company develops solutions that save energy and improve comfort in commercial and residential buildings. Through its glass reinforcements business, Owens Corning makes thousands of products lighter, stronger and more durable.

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Dow Blue Styrofoam Insulation

Dow Blue Styrofoam

This extruded polystyrene foam residing board from Dow helps enhance energy efficiency and reduce condensation. Designed for residential and commercial applications, Styrofoam™ Brand Square Edge Insulation has long-term thermal performance and helps protect foundation damp-proofing and waterproofing, especially during backfilling. The square edges help ensure energy efficiency and minimize on-site cutting and waste.

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Dow Tuff-R Insulation

Dow Tuff-R™ Insulation

Dow’s Tuff-R™ Insulation offers exceptional durability, water vapor resistance, and thermal performance in for interior basement walls, exterior walls, over roof decks, and cathedral ceilings. It features polyisocyanurate foam core insulation with three-ply poly/aluminum foil facers.

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Roxul Mineral Wool Insulation

Roxul Mineral Wool

The ecological choice for interior walls, ceilings and floors, ROXUL stone wool insulation provides superior fire and water resistance, as well as exceptional sound absorption and thermal properties. Ridgefield Supply carries Four Roxul lines: Comfortbatt® thermal home insulation; Safe’n’ Sound® fire and soundproofing insulation; Comfortboard® FS for Fire Separation; and Comfortboard® IS insulated sheathing.

Dow Froth-Pak Insulation

Dow Froth-Pak™

Dow Froth-Pak™ is a two-component, quick-cure polyurethane foam insulation and air sealer. It is used for filling cavities, penetrations, cracks, and expansion joints in a wide variety of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Ridgefield Supply will be happy to special order this product for you.

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Henry Blueskin Vapor Barrier

Henry Blueskin® VP100 Vapor Barrier

Ideal for wood frame construction, Henry Blueskin® VP100 is a fully adhered, peel-n-stick system that eliminates air leakage while functioning as a water-resistant barrier and rain barrier. Ridgefield Supply carries the product in 4”x100’ and 6”x100’ and 12”x100’ sizes.

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Homeguard Housewrap

Homeguard Housewrap

HomeGuard Housewrap is a high-quality, low-cost solution for preventing air leakage, controlling drafts, improving indoor air quality, and protecting wall systems from water and moisture damage. The micro-perforations in the durable polyolefin material of HomeGuard Housewrap also allow interior water vapor to escape the wall cavity.

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