Sunday, February 28, 2021

29 Prospect St, Ridgefield, CT 06877

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Phone: 203-438-2626

Ridgefield Supply Company has joined the US LBM family of companies. US LBM is one of the largest building product distributors in the United States and seeks to acquire and partner with market-leading businesses.

We are very excited for this new partnership with US LBM. It is important that you know that we will continue to manage our business just like we do today. All of the US LBM divisions are focused on local customers, delivering a wide breadth of products, and providing superior service.

We will continue to be the same business you know and love. Our way of supporting your business and our local community will remain unchanged. Your quotes, order acknowledgements, invoices and statements will all be provided just as they are now. You can continue to send payments for invoices just as you have in the past, and most importantly, the team of professionals you have relied on will continue to serve you! 

Lastly, as being part of the US LBM family of companies, we will have access to a number of new products and services that will improve your customer experience. While it will take time to implement these new services into our business, we look forward to sharing with you how these will improve our business relationship.